Card Authentication opens up many possibilities for integration with your MFP:

  • Reducing Costs
  • Providing Quick Access to Applications
  • Eliminating waste
  • Selecting Output Devices After You Print

Card Authentication can change the way your company does business by saving time at the MFP and managing and governing print and copy costs.

The Card Authentication solution is a quick and convenient security option for your multifunctional products utilizing your existing employee ID badges. With a simple swipe of a badge, users gain immediate access to their MFP authorizing them to use features specific to their job function.

With Card Authentication installed, corporate network resources and information can be secured, preventing unauthorized access. This solution also enables administrators to track usage for reporting or accounting purposes and may also save your organization from unnecessary waste by requiring users to swipe at the MFP prior to a submitted job being printed, also adding an additional level of document security.

Used in conjunction with “Pull Printing” software users will also have the option to select what device their job prints out on AFTER they have submitted the job.

Card Authentication is a highly cost-effective solution for any enterprise guaranteed to show ROI.

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