Pull Printing

“Pull Printing” is a printing feature where a user’s print job is held on a server or on a user’s workstation and released by the user at the printing device of their choosing. You first print your job, and when you are ready to pick up your job it can be retrieved at any network printer or MFP. If one printer is busy being used or out of service or toner the user may go to another printer to have their job completed.

This feature is an excellent complement to “Card Authentication”, users can simply scan their HID badge at any device and their job can be printed, users can change job properties on the fly (quantity or other printing options) or jobs can be printed and retained for future printing.

Costly waste can also be eliminated by setting the queue to delete uncollected jobs after an administrator allotted time allowance.

Benefits include:

-Flexibility to choose your printer based on convenience, printer availability or printer features

-Unclaimed jobs can be automatically deleted after assigned number of days, eliminating wasted prints

-Enhanced security: jobs are not left sitting on the printer, they only print when the user is present

-Detailed accounting and tracking capability for chargeback or cost recovery

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