Teaching Assistant

Kyocera Teaching Assistant, powered by HyPAS is a device-based application that allows educators to print customized bubble test sheets and answer keys with just a few keystrokes on a Kyocera HyPAS enabled or capable MFP touch panel, then automatically grade the tests and provide detailed analytical feedback on student performance. This analytical data can then be printed, emailed, or saved to USB in PDF format. All sensitive student data is protected as Teaching Assistant clears the data from the MFP after every job. And, since the Application is device based, no additional IT infrastructure is required and setup is simple. Kyocera Teaching Assistant is an efficient educating tool that provides cost savings and powerful results for today’s educator.

Teaching Assistant Highlights

  • Available for all Kyocera HyPAS-enabled and HyPAS-capable MFPs
  • Bubble sheets and answer key print on plain paper, eliminating the need for special media or scanning systems, lowering costs across the board.
  • Productivity soars when time is no longer spent manually grading tests
  • Summary and Detail reports, including bar graphs, histograms and test statistics provide instructors with at-a-glance feedback on how students fared
  • Routing test results to email saves paper, toner and energy
  • Test reports are accurate; human error is taken out of the equation





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