Axis’ solutions are perfectly suited for schools, universities, and libraries. Axis’ foremost educational tools are Sharp Aquos Boards and Windows-Collaboration Displays, which combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power and versatility of a computer. These interactive, touchscreen displays revitalize lessons and promote student engagement. You can now allow students to participate from their seats via device screen-mirroring. It has never been easier to save the content that has been written on a board and instantly deliver it to student emails, printed media or your website! By equipping an interactive display with an elevating, mobile stand, they can be easily transferred between classrooms as desired and used at any height.

If your organization grades tests using scantron/bubble sheets, ask your Axis representative about Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant. This flexible software effectively transforms your MFP into a test generation-and-grading device, offering various analytics such as which students had the most success, which students had the most difficulty, which questions were most difficult and much more.

For your print rooms, copy centers, and libraries: reduce MFP print waste by assigning permissions to individual students, teachers, or departments. Axis will help you gain a clear understanding of “who is printing what,” and can even help recoup your investment with a handy bill-back feature.

Axis has numerous device placements in educational settings with references available upon request. Give Axis a call today and let’s get to work!

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