Productivity-Boosting Scanning Features

Axis’ products offer groundbreaking features that can help to boost your office productivity to new heights.
Scanning documents with your Kyocera copier has never been easier when you utilize features such as staple-detection and blank page skip.

Have you ever been scanning a stack of papers and forgot there was a staple in the middle? With Kyocera’s innovative staple-detection sensor, which comes standard on all 4-series copiers, you will never have to worry about the copier creasing and shredding your pages due to an errant staple. If you accidentally send a stapled document through the feeder, the equipment will detect the staple, stop the paper feed, and ask you to replace the original document after the staple has been removed, all without damaging the original!

Another feature that Axis recommends that all its Kyocera users take advantage of when scanning is BLANK PAGE SKIP. With this feature enabled, your Kyocera copier will remove any scanned blank pages, usually the back of one-sided documents, from your file. Once you review the file, you will notice that no blank pages are included in your document! But in the event your document does have two-sided pages all of the images have been captured.

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