Scanning and Document Capture

Scanning your documents has never been easier or more efficient with Axis Business Consultants. Although many companies still rely upon traditional scan to email or a PC/network folder the evolution of scanning has enabled users to be more efficient and collaborative with solutions available to scan to cloud. Connectors for Google Drive© MS Exchange© and SharePoint© are easy to use, versatile and familiar for users. Coupled with card authentication scanning can be a breeze! Users can register their cards or fobs used for building access at the device to quickly authenticate and access their folders or repositories or preset destinations.
The options Axis Business Consultants offer are tailored to fit your specific business need. Connectors are available for other back-end repositories, please CONTACT US to inquire if your existing repository can be streamlined.
Scanning and OCR is increasingly more accurate and commonplace. Searchable PDF, editable Word and Excel formats and even PowerPoint can be scanned directly to the application. Axis Business Consultants offers a wide variety of OCR engines and can ever offer the capability to create document metadata using zonal OCR for file retrieval, file naming or storage and folder structures.
Flash drive, Email, Network or local folder, Google Suite, Microsoft Suite. Whether you require basic scanning functionality or utilize a more complex document naming, routing, storage or workflow convention Axis Business Consultants has the hardware and software to bring it to life or improve your current process!
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